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New Pain Law

The Board of Medicine announced July 7, 2011 that implementation of the new prescription law will be delayed until August 29.

As of August 29, all prescriptions for controlled substances must be on approved tamper-proof pads or electronically prescribed. Below is a copy of the law, as well as the link to the list of approved vendors of tamper-proof pads.

(2)  A written prescription for a controlled substance

  244 listed in chapter 893 must have the quantity of the drug

  245 prescribed in both textual and numerical formats, must be dated

  246 with the abbreviated month written out on the face of the

  247 prescription, and must be either written on a standardized

  248 counterfeit-proof prescription pad produced by a vendor approved

  249 by the department or electronically prescribed as that term is

  250 used in s. 408.0611. As a condition of being an approved vendor,

  251 a prescription pad vendor must submit a monthly report to the

  252 department which, at a minimum, documents the number of

  253 prescription pads sold and identifies the purchasers. The

  254 department may, by rule, require the reporting of additional

  255 information. 
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Steven Rosenberg, MD, Palm Beach - elected vice-chair of the Florida Board of Medicine and Chair of the Board of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine's Joint Committee on Medical Marijuana.

Ralph Massullo, MD, Lecanto - successfully elected to the Florida House of Representatives in November 2017 and serves in House District 34. This district includes all of Citrus County and a portion of Hernando County.

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