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Residency: Preparing for the Future

1st and 2nd Year of Dermatology Residency

Think about if you are interested in a fellowship. If so, plan electives and mentoring experiences accordingly. Some fellowships, such as dermatopathology, require residents to apply during their second year of residency, thus early preparation is key.

3rd Year of Residency

Fall – apply for your medical license -> For Medical Professionals -> Contact a State Medical Board -> choose the state to which you would like to apply.

You may also choose to use the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) for verification of all of your credentials.

  • The cost is about $350+, in addition to state license costs.
  • One-time effort and fee – FCVS stores all of your credentials (diplomas, transcripts) forever – this can be very useful if you are not sure what state you plan to practice in, or if you anticipate moving to a different state in the future.

Applying for a Florida medical license

You may apply for a Florida Medical license online at

Electronic application is the best way to go. It will prevent from entering information an incorrect format, which is what often delays paper applications.

After you complete the electronic application, there will be a series of pages that print out to submit with the required supporting documents (letter from program director, NICA exemption, etc). These cover pages have your specific application routing number, ensuring that it gets into your file promptly once you mail it with the supporting document.

You will make your life much easier if you collect the following before starting:

  • USMLE I-III score reports and exact date
  • Mailing addresses of all of the schools you attended

You will need to send official copies/regular copies of the following:

  • Specific dates of start/end of each degree
  • Undergraduate transcript
  • Medical school transcript
  • FSMB step 3 score transcript ($65)
  • Residency Program director letter
  • NICA exemption letter from your program director
  • Copy of MD diploma
  • Copy of internship certificate/diploma/completion letter

Additional elements:

File for a DEA number
You need your medical license in order to apply for a DEA -> New Application Online Form 224 is the correct form

You likely already have your NPI number (National Provider Identifier), but if not, apply for one here:

CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare)
You will be issued this number once you apply for a health plan to participates in CAQH (for example, United Health Care, Aetna, Cigna) – this application needs to be updated every 3-4 months. Insurance companies use this database to access your information for credentialing for their plans.

Malpractice Insurance
Learn the differences between Claims Made versus Occurrence policies. Most policies in Florida (at least in South Florida) are Claims Made policies; Occurrence policies can be cost prohibitive.

Finding a Job

Start the search late 2nd year or early 3rd year of residency. Ideally you will have a few solid leads by the Holidays, and you may want to be further along if you are looking for a job out of state.

Good resources for finding a job:

  • Meetings (including FSDDS annual meeting and AAD) are great places for networking and finding leads.
  • AAD Career Compass
  • Hawkins Merritt
  • Ask local drug reps if you are looking to find a job in their territory

Be sure to interview at several places so you can compare and make a well-informed choice. Even if you enter contract negotiations, keep other options open because many deals fall through.

Contract Negotiations

Other Advice

Don't forget your health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and planning for retirement.

Attend the AAD Practice Management Symposium for Residents (held the day prior to AAD Annual Meeting).

Do I need to start recording CME's once I graduate?

Start getting into the habit of recording your CME credits. Florida will soon mandate online recording through CE Broker

However, if you are renewing your license for the first time, you are exempt from the general CME requirement and are only required to complete 2 hours of Preventing Medical Errors and 1 hour of HIV/AIDS. (taken from the Florida Board of Medicine website )

FYI: You earn 60 CME credits for passing the American Board of Dermatology Certification Exam.

Written by Dr. Jacquelyn Dosal with contributions from Dr. Nishit Patel.

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Steven Rosenberg, MD, Palm Beach - elected vice-chair of the Florida Board of Medicine and Chair of the Board of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine's Joint Committee on Medical Marijuana.

Ralph Massullo, MD, Lecanto - successfully elected to the Florida House of Representatives in November 2017 and serves in House District 34. This district includes all of Citrus County and a portion of Hernando County.

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