The National Skin Education Foundation’s (FSDDS Foundation) purposes are to foster, provide and promote educational programs and materials on dermatological and dermatological surgery issues.

The NSEF is seeking to place sunscreen dispensers in key public locations throughout Florida such as marinas, parks, pools, golf courses. Donating to the National Skin Education Foundation helps fund sunscreen dispensers and allows the distribution of sun safety education materials to elementary school educators (teachers, camp counselors, etc) who are interested and willing to teach their students about sun safe outdoor behavior including how to protect their skin from over exposure to the sun.

Donate $1,000 and your name/practice name will be displayed on the dispenser, and you can suggest desired locations nearby your practice. Other donations will be use to place dispensers advertising the NSEF and for providing educational materials to schools.

Donate online or download the form and mail your donation.

The National Skin Education Foundation is recognized as a tax-exempt public charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations to the Foundation are deductible for income tax purposes.